Founded in 1999, Trasfo Project S.r.l. is situated in Montecchio Maggiore (VI), a production and industrial concentrated district in the electromechanical and power electronic sector.

Our long-standing experience let appreciate our industrial reality to a growing range of customers and allow us to increase our strong interests towards international markets in Europe and worldwide.

In our company the whole production is completely perform in Italy in our manufacturing plant, where the productive cycle is divided in specific areas; inside them advanced plants and inner/internal technical design are employed in every sold machines, as well as vacuum-sealed impregnation and tests procedure are executed for every components of the final product. Trasfo Project S.r.l. is ISO 9001 certified as far back many years. Every single purchase order or commercial proposal is categorized inside the design and production areas for the purpose of verify the delivery time and operational state/location of every single product.

The entire production is manufactured complying the main conformities and certifications for the global market; the opportunity to visit our company in order to verify these requirements directly in our production cycle would be a pleasure for our staff.

Trasfo Project S.r.l. is specialized in manufacturing these application machines as mentioned in our catalogues:

  • Single-phase transformers (from 100VA to 1000KVA)

  • Three-phase transformers (from 100VA to 2000KVA)

  • Single and three-phase autotransformers

  • Large choice of single-phase and three-phase reactors

In a total area of 7000 sq. m., 300 sq. m. are dedicated to our offices and 3800 Mq to our production workshop.

It will be a pleasure for Trasfo Project S.r.l. to answer to all Your current and future requests.